27/07/2021 : Summer classes staring soon for previously registered dancers

Our Classes

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NEW BEGINNER (ages 4+): This program is designed for beginner dancers and all children (regardless of age) will begin in this program while they develop the basic skills of Irish dancing. These skills will include but are not limited to skips, sidestep and a series of drills to work on their technique. This program not only teaches your child how to perform solo routines but will also introduce them to some traditional ceili dances. Dancers will remain in this program until they confidently know their 'Light Jig' and a minimum of one step of the 'Reel'. Most dancers under the age of 7 will repeat this program for a minimum of two sessions. (limit of 10 students) ** Dancers must be registered for and attending JK at the time of starting lessons.

BEGINNER 2: This program is for dancers who have completed our new beginner program and meet the requirements necessary to progress. Dancers will continue to work on their 'Light Jig', finish their 'Reel' and learn their 'Single Jig' while developing their technique (posture, crossing, turnout). Once dancers are confidently and independently performing their 'Light Jig' and 'Reel' they will be eligible to start competing at local feiseanna (competitions).  At this point dancers are invited and encouraged to start taking lessons in the Beginner Hard Shoe class. Please note starting in hard shoes will require dancers to attend two days per week.

ADVANCED BEGINNER: This program is for dancers who know their 'reel', 'light jig' and 'single jig' with minimal assistance when performing. Dancers will learn their 'slip jig' at this level. Those dancers interested in competing should be attending both soft and hard shoe lessons on a weekly basis once registered in this program.

NOVICE / PRIZEWINNER/PRELIMINARY / OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP: These class are designed for for dancers who are actively competing and meet the guidelines of these levels in competition.

PERFORMANCE COMPANY: Finnegan School dancers have been seen throughout the years performing at public events such as the Milton Strawberry Fair, Milton Steam Era, and the Downtown Street Festival just to name a few. March takes our dancers to local seniors residences, hospitals and our annual performance at the Milton Mall in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. We are also frequently hired for private events such as weddings, birthday parties and other celebrations.

The goal of the performance company is to produce a professional and entertaining performance to continue to wow audiences at our numerous performances. Annually, the primary training for this class occurs from January - March in preparation for St. Patrick's Day festivities. For shows outside of these months, previously registered families are contacted for availability and rehearsals are scheduled based on the requirements of the performance.